Coloradans for Responsible Reform

For 20 years, business, labor, nonprofit and civic organizations have united under the Coloradans For Responsible Reform (CFRR) banner to support or oppose ballot measures having a major impact on Colorado's economic vitality and quality of life. 

The building of broad, diverse coalitions and the use of strong, no-nonsense messaging have characterized those efforts

In 2005, CFRR formed the largest coalition Colorado has ever seen to gain voter approval of Referendum C. By 2010, The New York Times described the non-partisan CFRR coalition opposing Amendments 60, 61 and Proposition 101 as "the most powerful group in Colorado."

In 2016, Colorado is facing another serious threat to the state’s economy.

Leading the pack this year are repeats from the 2014 election cycle sponsored by the no-growth and anti-oil and gas extremists. With petitions being circulated in advance of the August 8 deadline, they hope to qualify Measure #40 and Measure #63, which allow local voters to ban (or sue) any local business in their community.

  •  NO SIGNATURES SUBMITTED #40 Pre-empting federal and state law, this constitutional amendment allows local voters to hold elections to ban or regulate individual businesses and corporations in their community.  UPDATE:  On July 17, proponents announced they would fall short of the required signatures this year but are already “organizing toward a 2018 ballot initiative effort.”

  • NO SIGNATURES SUBMITTED #63 - Permits voters in each of Colorado’s 271 cities and 64 counties to invent their own set of air, water, land and “ecological” standards, then encourages individuals and government agencies to sue suspected violators for monetary damages. 

    Disguised in lofty language like “local control” and “environmental rights”, these intentionally deceptive measures are designed to lure unknowing voters into adopting a set of tools that enliven local activists to shut down businesses in their communities for their political cause du jour. In the crosshairs for this election cycle; homebuilders, developers and the oil and gas industry.

Two specific measures on the ballot, #75 and #78, provide vivid examples of how #40 and #63 could be applied to an individual industry or company.

FAILED TO GATHER ENOUGH SIGNATURES #75 allows local voters in the five oil and gas producing counties to ban energy production. 

FAILED TO GATHER ENOUGH SIGNATURES #78 is a deceptive measure to ban oil and gas in Colorado by creating a setback distance that eliminates virtually all oil and gas development. 

Regardless of which of these measures reach the ballot, they present a serious threat to Colorado’s job base and sustained economy. An attack on even one industry is an attack on the state’s economy and Coloradans for Responsible Reform is committed to fight such an attack.